Our Mission

3GNY is an educational non-profit organization founded by grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. As a living link, we preserve the legacies and the lessons of the Holocaust.  Our mission is to educate diverse communities about the perils of intolerance and to provide a supportive forum for the descendants of survivors.

Our generation is the last living link to survivors. It is primarily through us that future generations will hear the actual stories of our grandparents’ survival. We must ensure that others see the human face of the Holocaust, as well as understand its details, its place in history and how it is viewed and discussed today.

To accomplish these goals, 3GNY creates forums where members meet, learn, connect and share ideas. Founded in 2005 with a group of six, 3GNY’s membership now exceeds 2,000. We have diverse programs, including museum tours, film screenings, theater engagements, discussion groups, book readings, visits and dialogue with survivors, Shabbat dinners, Jewish cultural events, intergenerational gatherings, genealogy workshops and field trips.