How Will the Next Generation Preserve
the History and Lessons of the Holocaust?

Next Generation

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What We've Accomplished:

  • Organized over 100 events
  • Helped raise funds to support Holocaust survivors
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  • Visited over 100 schools in the tri-state area
  • Impacted over 5,000 students
“Many of our students have never heard of the Holocaust, and unfortunately the ones that have do not believe it. Therefore, having these speakers come and talk to our students is very helpful in educating them about this horrific part of history that can never be allowed to be repeated. I would like to express my admiration for these three young speakers who are not teachers yet they had this unbelievable quality to reach these students and teach them.”

Anne Shamir Marine Park Intermediate School, Brooklyn, NY
“Wow - what a fabulous series of talks we held yesterday! My colleagues and students join me in thanking all of you for your time and for the powerful stories you shared. The students were as engaged as I’ve ever seen them and had plenty to say about the experience afterwards. I think we will have to make this a tradition — and in the future we will plan farther ahead to make sure to cover even more classes! Thank you for the wonderful work you do.”

Abigail Holland, Park East High School, Bronx, NY
“Students explained they had not fully considered the depths of the Holocaust’s effects on families. Hearing survivors’ stories, they said, made it more real. It makes them more devoted to telling and hearing stories. I would like to have WEDU come each year. I think it’s invaluable.”

Diana Di Rico, Baruch College Campus High School, Manhattan, NY