Sharon Cooper

Sharon is the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, Pearl Mermelstein and Sam Grundman.  Sharon has a great passion for Holocaust commemoration and recently traveled throughout Poland to visit her grandfather's hometown as well as several of the work camps that he survived.  She is currently working on a documentary of the trip to document her grandfather’s life and ensure the remembrance of smaller camps that are not preserved.  Sharon holds a B.S. in Marketing from American University and MBA from Fordham University.

Alexis Fishman

Alexis is the grandchild of four Holocaust survivors, Paul and Elizabeth Fischman and Irene and Elemer Berger. Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, she has lived in New York since 2008. She holds a M.A. in International Relations with a focus on Holocaust and genocide studies. Alexis is an actor and singer and was nominated for a Helpmann Award (Australian Tony Award equivalent.) She has also performed for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and performs a one woman show about a Jewish cabaret star set in Berlin 1933. Passionate about Holocaust legacy and education, Alexis is thrilled to be involved with 3GNY and is proud of its impact. 

David Wachs

David is the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors and has been active with 3GNY since 2005. He joined the group to connect with others who have a similar background and to carry on his family's legacy.  David took on a leadership role in 2010 in planning and organizing events. He is an avid traveler and has been to his grandparents' hometowns and seen many concentration camps across Europe.  David earned a B.S. in Information Systems from Lehigh University and works full time as the IT director of a hedge fund in Manhattan.

Daniel Brooks

Daniel Brooks is the grandchild of four Holocaust survivors and the founder of 3GNY.  He started this group because he was seeking a forum where he could explore his grandparents' legacy and meet others with similar family backgrounds.  Daniel has a B.S. in communications from Boston University. He is a certified Holocaust educator, and volunteers as a gallery educator at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.  Daniel is also active in Israel education and advocacy.  He is an HR professional at a law firm in Manhattan and lives in Astoria, New York.

Joshua Hackel

Josh has been an active member of 3GNY since 2009 and has played an integral role in the organization's strategic growth, fundraising, and educational initiatives.  The grandson of two Holocaust survivors, Josh is personally connected and deeply committed to Holocaust remembrance and education.  Josh fondly recalls spending summers as a child with his grandparents at their Catskills bungalow colony among a tight knit community of Holocaust survivors. He muses that only later in life did he realize how profoundly these experiences shaped his sense of identity which became the foundation of his efforts to always remember and to teach lessons of tolerance. Josh has toured concentration and labor camps with survivors and joined a pilgrimage to Poland to restore and rededicate a Jewish cemetery in the shtetl where his grandfather was born.  Currently, he and his family oversee a scholarship program at the local high school that is dedicated to remembering Jewish life before the war. Josh and his wife Alana live in Manhattan with their two daughters Audrey and Bella.