Shabbat Dinner

April 24, 2009  untitled11We thank Mrs. Claire Boren for being our guest, and telling us her story.   Claire Boren was born in a small Polish town that is now part of Ukraine. She was only five years of age when the Germans came and forced Jewish families into a ghetto. News of the Nazis' liquidation of the Jews quickly spread and Boren's father arranged for his wife and daughter to hide with a Christian family nearby. When the family they were staying with began fearing for their own lives, Boren and her mother retreated into the forest with several other Jews.   From there, they found a farm family that was willing to hide them in a hole they had dug beneath the ground. Boren describes this time as a living in a grave and it was there that she retreated into a silent fantasy world. Eventually they relocated once again in to the attic of another home until they were finally liberated by the Russian Army in 1944.   Boren was just a child when the Holocaust began and had repressed most of her memories of the war. It wasn't until well into her adult life that memories began emerging. They were channeled through her art. Boren today is an accomplished artist, with some of her works' themes evoking images and memories from the war.