Shabbat Dinner

January 23, 2009

untitled3We listened to Rosa Sirota, a Holocaust survivor, and an aunt of one of our steering committee members.   Mrs. Sirota was born in Lvov, Poland. She escaped from the Lvov Ghetto with her mother, and they went into hiding under assumed names with Christian Ukrainian peasants, who did not know that they were Jewish. Rosa and her mother were the only survivors, as her father and the rest of her family were killed by the Nazis.   After being liberated by the Russians, they moved back to Poland, where her mother remarried and had another child. The family then moved to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, France, and Venezuela, and eventually settled in the United States. After receiving her Masters degree, Rosa taught Spanish at Farleigh Dickenson University and then in Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, NJ. After retiring, she became an accomplished sculptor, and she recently won first prize at a juried art show.   Some of Rosa's Holocaust experiences are summarized in Jane Marks' book: "The Hidden Children - Secret Survivors of the Holocaust".

****************** We thank Mrs. Sirota for being our guest and sharing her story with us.