Erin Einhorn’s The Pages In Between: A Holocaust Legacy of Two Families, One Home. Hosted by: Ira Glass of "This American Life"

November 17, 2008

It was standing room only as we listened to Erin retell her story about the year she spent living in Poland, getting to know the family that hid her mother as a small child. In the book, The Pages In Between, Erin describes her time hanging out with young Poles who thought Jews were superstars, sported Chai tattoos, and packed huge, outdoor concerts of Jewish Klezmer music.

The book is a 21st century look at the ongoing consequences of the Holocaust these years later and an exploration of the way stories and histories we've all inherited may have been distorted by decades of memory and spin.

****************** Ira Glass is a 30-year veteran of public radio. He has been a reporter and host on several National Public Radio programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Talk of the Nation. Named Best Radio Host in America by Time magazine in 2001, Glass is creator and host of This American Life, one of the most popular and widely acclaimed radio shows in the U.S.

****************** We thank the Tenement Museum for co-sponsoring and hosting.