Happy Hour to Benefit The Blue Card

July 30, 2008


All proceeds went to benefitThe Blue Card, which provides financial assistance and day-to-day services to local Holocaust survivors in need.

We are proud to report that we raised $400 in this effort!

This money will finance Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERSYS) for 16 survivors for the month of August.

Some Background, from the Blue Card:

The Blue Card provides the system to Holocaust survivors in need, but who do not have the financial resources to pay for installation, service, and maintenance.

Many survivors live alone and have no one who can come to their rescue in an emergency. It is the highest level of tzedakah to help people to help themselves.

An alert button is worn around the wrist or around the neck. In an emergency, the client presses the button, activating a speakerphone. One of the key elements of the program is that the in-take operator speaks the native language of the survivor. This is crucial because it allows the client to communicate any instructions or answer questions that are essential to obtaining a quick response.

Another feature of the program is the installation of a safe lock box outside the client's apartment. This becomes crucial when an ambulance comes and the survivor cannot get to the door. EMT has the code to the safe lock box which contains a set of keys, enabling the paramedics to enter without breaking down the door. If the survivor is taken to a hospital, the apartment is secure. The survivor is not faced with the added stress and cost of replacing the door upon return from the hospital.

A success story of one of our Holocaust survivors and how the system helped save her life:

Mrs. T was in a Romanian ghetto until the age of sixteen, after which she was deported to Auschwitz then Birkenau. As a Nazi slave laborer, she was forced to work in a munitions factory under hazardous conditions. After liberation, she had to march for two weeks, suffering from starvation and fainting, due to weakness. Now Mrs. T, a widow, lives in New York. She suffers from a heart condition, diabetes, colitis as well as poor dental health due to malnutrition in her early years.

Last month, when Mrs. T fell and broke her hip, she used our personal emergency response system to call for help. Within 15 minutes help was at her door, and she was taken to the hospital where she received immediate attention. Since Mrs. T's English is limited, she was very grateful to have someone speak to her Romanian. Mrs. T is so happy with the system and attributes her survival to The Blue Card's SOS program.

She says that she had suffered greatly during the Holocaust and knowing that she has this emergency response system helps her cope better with everyday stress and feel safer.

*** The system costs $25 per month. The contribution of $400 will help pay for 16 survivors for the month of August. ***