Tuesday Night Coffee

July 15, 2008 On behalf of Sivan Raviv, we'd like thank you for attending our discussion in which Sivan presented her 30 minute radio documentary about grandchildren of survivors.

For those who could not attend, you can access the piece by going to www.sivanraviv.com and clicking on the "Audio" link.

If you would like to contact Sivan with any questions, please email her at ravsiv@gmail.com.


Sivan Raviv recently received her Master's Degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. For her Master's project, Sivan put together a three-piece radio documentary about grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.

Among the questions she addresses:

  • How does our generation identify with our heritage, with Judaism?
  • How do we form our political views in a post-Holocaust world?
  • Do we struggle with the idea of passing on a legacy?
  • How different are our experiences with our grandparents/parents?
  • How has the Holocaust impacted our career choices?
  • How do we react to Holocaust denial?

We had an informal discussion after listening to each of the three 10 minutes segments. Interviewees from Sivan's documentary came and joined in the discussion.

We thank Congregation Ramath Orah for hosting us.