Walking In His Footsteps

August 14, 2007  

We attended a performance of fellow member Joan Fishman's one-woman play, "Walking in His Footsteps". This very personal, semi-autobiographical play is based on Joan's childhood experiences with her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, who never spoke of the fate of his family during the war.

After the show, we joined Joan and other group members at a nearby lounge for a post-discussion.

More About the Show: The play was selected to be part of the NYC Fringe Festival that began August 10th. The play's main content is about Joan's looking into the past to find clues about her grandfather's mysterious history: growing up as a Jew in Lithuania, escaping the fate of his family during the Holocaust, meeting her grandmother in a Displaced Persons camp in Munich, and coming to America to start a new life. Yiddish text and song, as well as evocative images projected on a screen are all part of the performance.

NY-based writer Malka Percal recently wrote on her blog "Jewess" about Joan. In the interview, they discussed the play, her other work and 3GNY. Jewess is a blog about Jewish women's issues.