Teaching the Holocaust & Telling Our Family Stories

February 25, 2007 We went on a guided tour of The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust (MJH). The group was big so we split up. One tour was led by Lori Kass, and the other by Dan Brooks, and as we all walked through the exhibits, everyone shared parts of their family stories. Afterwards, we discussed our impressions of the museum. We talked about the differences of message between MJH and Yad Vashem and the museum in DC. We observed that MJH is geared more toward a younger audience, and maybe leaves one with a message of hope, while the other two are much larger and more similar to each other than to MJH.

We discussed how we, as a group mostly of non-educators, can make a lasting impact on Holocaust education. Some felt that if we talk about our connection to the Holocaust to younger people, the impression we make may be more enduring. We discussed state-mandated Holocaust education: how it’s taught, its importance and the influence individual teachers can have.