Shabbat Dinner

January 20, 2006 picture-103GNY would like to thank everyone who was at the Shabbat Dinner on the 20th. The turnout was incredible -- our largest yet - and we're very excited about the continued and growing interest. This was also the first event of what will be an important and productive year for our group.

We'd like to thank Makor for hosting and organizing the dinner, especially Rachel Silverman, Makor's rabbinic intern who lead the service.

We'd also like to offer a special thanks to Thane Rosenbaum for giving a novel and thoughtful talk about his book "The Golems of Gotham". He read a chapter from "Golems" and he also brought up several Holocaust-related issues we have yet to discuss as a group. Of note: the use of the Holocaust in works of fiction, how and where it's been trivialized (Thane touched upon Anne Frank's diary and how the version most of us know was watered down for public consumption - by her father) and how suicide among Holocaust survivors is extremely rare. This fact came up as Thane discussed the book's main character, Ariel, trying to bring back to life her grandparents - survivors who committed suicide before she was born. These topics got people talking. To continue discussing these issues and others, please visit the discussion boards on our website.