General Meeting / Discussion Group

February 23, 2005 I want to thank those who participated in Wednesday night's meeting. I look forward to meeting those unable to attend, and others. It was nice to take in a piece of everyone's family story, even if it was in condensed form. It was also gratifying to finally hear our generation's perspective on, among other issues, the current meaning of the Holocaust and the effects it has had on our families.

We exchanged ideas on adopting a mission statement, but ultimately agreed that right now it is not vital. Goals and objectives -- even the group's name -- should evolve as the group does. We should eventually assume an activist role, but we'll start by coming together to explore the significance of our being grandchildren of survivors. Just by getting together Wednesday, we realized an immediate and fundamental purpose for the group:

A forum dedicated specifically to the grandchildren of Survivors; a place where 3rd gen. can come to be heard and connect with each other.

At the end of the meeting, the group agreed to move forward in three areas:

  1. Outreach -- We all volunteered to help increase awarenes of the group, either through word-of-mouth, email forwards or phone calls to local orgs and Hillels.
  2. Support -- Several of us, including myself, will inquire with Jewish/Holocaust orgs about potential sponsorship and promotion.
  3. Communication -- I am in the process of setting up a group website.

I'll pass along the address when complete.

FYI: Our next meeting is scheduled for March 23, 7:30pm, at Makor.

Have a great weekend, DB